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Golf courses in North Hesse

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If you want to go on a golf vacation or a golf weekend, you will find 7 golf courses in North Hesse. The closest golf course to the 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee is located about 1 km north in the same town. It is cared for by a local golf club. The scenically charming  27-hole golf course near the lake Edersee is divided up into an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole golf course. The 18-hole golf course can only be played on upon presentation of a registered place permission. The 9-hole golf course is opened to the public and offers playing possibilities for everybody without handicap requirement.

The golf teacher of the club offers golf "get-to-know" lessons and other golf lessons for those who are interested in learning how to play golf or for those want to get the authorization to play on a "normal" golf course. The golf lesson resp. the golf "get-to-know" lesson takes place either as a single class or in small groups up to 6 people.

Further golf courses and golf clubs in North Hesse:

  • Golfing club Bad Wildungen e. V., 9-hole golf course, Talquellenweg, 34537 Bad Wildungen (about 17 km south of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee)
  • Club Kassel-Wilhelmshohe e. V., 18-hole golf course, Ehlener Strasse 21, 34131 Kassel-Wilhelmshohe, phone +49 (0) 561 / 33 509 (about 37 km northeast of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee)
  • Golfing club Zierenberg - Gut Escheberg, 18-hole golf course,
    34289 Zierenberg, phone +49 (0) 5606 / 2608 (about 39 km northeast of
    345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee)
  • Golfing park Bad Arolsen, Golf and country club Bad Arolsen e. V.,
    Zum Wiggenberg 33, 34454 Bad Arolsen-Wetterburg,
    phone +49 (0) 5691 / 979 50 (about 26 km north of
    345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee)
  • Spa Hessian Golfing club Oberaula / Bad Hersfeld e. V., 18-hole golf course, Am Golfplatz Hausen, 36280 Oberaula, phone +49 (0) 6628 / 1573 (about 78 km southeast of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee)
  • Golfing Estate Willershausen, 9-hole golf course, 37293 Herleshausen-Willershausen, phone +49 (0) 5654 / 920 41 (about 135 km east of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee)




345-wald 4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee in Hesse Hessen Germany

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Golf resort club vacation packages hotel hotels trip trips course courses

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